We have great technical knowledge on ecommerce platforms, especially on Magento. We are also experts on performance optimization, and help online stores to be faster and more scalable. We have working experience in many other enterprise technologies. Taking the right path from the first moment is very profitable. Ensure code efficiency and maintainability is very profitable too. If you make a small investment in expert consultancy, you can save a lot of money and problems for the future.

If you are developing a custom module, or in process of upgrading your platform, or in a critical decision moment for choosing the tecnological platform, we can help. We can collaborate with you as well in troubleshooting affairs, migration projects,… Up to you ! Tell us what your needs are and probably we’ll find a way to help you to achieve your goals.

An IT Consultant from SiriusWay will work with you to analyze your needs and provide an affordable and efficient solution. We will help you reduce costs, increment ROI and make the right decisions to grow your ecommerce.


If you want to know what is needed in order to make your site faster, and keep it being faster over time, then our Performance Review service is for you. With this service, a performance engineer will analyze your site’s performance, help in setting up performance objectives and deliver a complete performance assessment containing actionable recommendations for meeting those objectives.


Put our expertise and knowledge of best practices to work for you. We can identify architecture and code optimizations, provide directions on custom application deployments and identify potential performance bottlenecks. If you want to make sure your ecommerce runs smoothly and is well prepared for the future, then the Architectural Advisory service is for you.


In a complex ecommerce platform, you need a dedicated team and a frequent deployment process. There is no time for big up-front analysis and design work that yields no visible outcome. With this service, an agile methodology expert will assist you in setting up lightweight procedures and simple tools. This will allow you to better react to changing business requirements and maintain your ecommerce site fast and scalable.


An upgrade process means that you’ll take many risks. There are a lot of custom modules and third party modules in your ecommerce platform that can behave in a unexpected way. There are many potencial bugs and security issues too. Is necessary to plan in detail and choose the correct order of the different steps to take. It is necessary to establish an appropriate methodology. For all these reasons we think that it is a good idea to contract a consultant who accompany you in the process.


The choice of platform is a critical moment for your business. And there isn’t a single answer for all cases. If you are right at that moment, probably you are considering Prestashop or Magento, two great technological platforms for your ecommerce. But, which one of the two is more convenient for your business?. What competitive advantages and differences gives me one over the other? … We can help you to answer this and other important questions in that transcendental stage.


Every decision matters when you are migrating an online store. And if you can anticipate the impact of any actions before production deployment, you’ll reduce significantly the potential risk. In a Magento to Prestashop, or Prestashop to Magento, migration projects, we’ll guide you through the analisys and pre-deployment phase so that you have a solid foundation for success.


Was the custom code in your Magento or Prestashop implementation developed using best practices? We will review your core code and integrated third party code. We will provide detailed optimization recommendations based on best practices for operational stability, security, upgradeability, and coding standards while identifying potential performance bottlenecks. This is appropriate too if you are developing a custom module for your ecommerce o for sell. We can ensure that your custom modules meet coding standards and function as expected without hindering performance or negating native platform functionality.


If you have a problem where the symptoms can have many possible causes, and don’t find the solution, let us help you. We’ll apply a logical, systematic search for the source of a problem to make a correct diagnostic. And we’ll define how it can be solved, and how the component or process can be made operational again. Troubleshooting is needed to develop and maintain complex systems, where experience is a valuable asset to determinate possible causes of the symptoms. Determining the most likely cause is a process of elimination of potential causes of a problem. And we get the job done right, with extensive tests and confirmation that the solution restores the component or process to its optimal state.


Tell us what’s your project, and we’ll try to help you.

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