Recently our CTO Jordi Buj presented “The Business Case for Speed” at the Barcelona Web Performance meetup. Speed is often seen as a second class requirement, much behind design and functionality. But it turns out that speed has impact on the bottom line, there are many documented cases where an improvement in performance has been correlated with an increase in several business KPIs like bounce rate, conversion rate, or search engine rankings.

In the presentation, Jordi made the point that communication between business and IT people is critical when trying to prioritize project requirements, and raised a couple of ideas that could help IT to convince Business that speed is important. Basically, you need to make happy two types of entities: your users and the search engines. Several projects are referenced during the presentation proving that speed makes happy both of them.

The Business Case for Speed presentation

The outline of the presentation was the following:

  • Communication – Business & IT
  • Activities and metrics
  • Pleasing users
  • Pleasing search engines
  • Success stories
  • Methodology

The presentation was held at itnig in Barcelona, with free beer offered by Estrella Damm. O’Reiily kindly let us hold a two-book raffle among the attendants: “High Performance Web Sites” by Steve Souders, and “Building Web Apps with WordPress” by Brian Messenlehner and Jason Coleman.

The audience was very participative, and interesting discussions took place about correlation vs. causation, HTML pre-rendering tools, caching and CDNs, top priorities when starting a web development project, and agile methodologies, among others.

You can view the presentation slides on SlideShare

SiriusWay has also a white paper where similar topics are discussed: “WPO, SEO and Conversion Rate”. You can request it from this link.