Eismann serves frozen food door-to-door to more than 2 million customers all over Europe and Brazil, being 150.000 of them in Spain. They ensure the delivery of first class products that lack artificial ingredients without breaking the cold chain. Their service is well known by the quality of their products, the ease and convenience given when choosing the date and time of delivery, and the friendliness of their representatives.


As a part of its expansion strategy in Spain, Eismann wanted to give more importance to its online channel, and decided to hire our partner Multiplo. The project focus was put in fields like improving the online brand perception, getting more clients, retaining existing customers, and unifying customer service across all channels. The proposal included Magento as the new ecommerce platform, and SiriusWay was hired to collaborate in the project as Magento experts.


Here is a summary of the main tasks that we carried out during the project:

  • Set up a version control repository based on Git.
  • Define a development workflow for optimal team development.
  • Serve as the first level Magento support for the rest of the development team.
  • Develop an integration layer with Eismann’s ERP system vis custom import & export scripts and automation.
  • Integrate the online store with a multilanguage WordPress blog.
  • Include the ability to publish recipes based on Eismann products in the blog.
  • Create a Magento shipping method that integrates with Eismann’s own shipping rules, their own delivery calendar for each geographical zone, and the ability for customers to choose precisely the delivery date & time range.
  • Develop other minor ecommerce functionalities.

Example: we developed a page component that allows any visitor to check if Eismann delivers to their zone, and view the next delivery dates. This is a screenshot showing that functionality.