Eliza Was Here is a brand of the Dutch tour operator Sundio Group since 2006. Eliza Was Here offers holiday packages including flight, accommodation and car rental in particularly charming destinations which are away from the mass tourism, taking special care of keeping with the destination country style. They say: “When others turn right, Eliza turns left”.
Eliza Was Here


During our long term consultancy project for Sundio Group’s Sunweb site, they asked us to make a short and concise performance review of the Eliza Was Here website. The objective was to get performance measurements done, and pinpoint optimization actions that were specific to the Eliza Was Here site (besides other optimizations that would already be known as this site shares some architecture with the Sunweb site that was currently under study).


We analyzed the current performance metrics of Eliza Was Here, with different browsers and connection types, using publicly available tools like Webpagetest, YSlow extension and bookmarklet, Chrome DevTools, PageSpeed Insights, HTTP Archive and BigQuery. We made an initial report and pointed to the main bottlenecks that could be optimized.

  • Set up a baseline of performance metric for the site
  • Redundant image requests
  • Apply image optimization tools for several specific images
  • Combine some images into sprites

The waterfall for the Eliza Was Here website at the time of the study, one of the main reports in which to base a performance optimization project: