EurekaKids has a network of almost 200 physical stores in Europe and Latin America, selling all types of educational and learning toys, while avoiding warlike and sexist references. They also offer their 3500 SKU catalog on their websites, being the most relevant from the user base perspective.
Eureka Kids


We explored the EurekaKids Spanish site, and found that a performance optimization project would improve their user experience. They agreed on a Performance Tune Up project because it offers a clear startup point and end goals. By collaborating with their development and IT teams, we managed to meet the project obejctives quite fast and with minimum disruption in their normal development workflow.


We analyzed the current performance metrics of Eureka Kids, using publicly available toolslike Webpagetest, YSlow extension and bookmarklet, Chrome DevTools, PageSpeed Insights, HTTP Archive and BigQuery. We made an initial report and pointed to the main bottlenecks that could be optimized. By working closesly with Eureka Kids development team and IT Department, we managed to make several improvements, summarized below.

  • Improvement of Page Speed and YSlow indexes by more than 15%
  • Improvement of Speed Index by more than 30%
  • Improvement of Page Load Time by more than 30%
  • Reduction of more than 25% of the total amount of bytes transferred to render the home page.
  • Improve the comparison against competitors in key performance metrics, and improve the comparison against Alexa top 1M sites.
  • Improve performance metrics for every important page type according to Analytics data.

Example: load time performance metrics before and after optimization, for the main landing pages of the Eureka Kids web site.