Ski Horizon is a brand from the Dutch tour operator Sundio Group. They offer high quality holiday packages for European winter destinations such as France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany. The website provides these services for the French market.
Ski Horizon


During our long term consultancy project for the Sunweb site, Sundio asked us to make a short and concise performance review of the Ski Horizon website, in similar terms as the one we did previously to the Eliza Was Here website. The objective was to get performance measurements done, and pinpoint actions to optimize the site, in addition to those already known because the site shares architecture with the Sunweb site currently under long term study and monitorization.


We analyzed the current performance metrics of Ski Horizon, with different browsers, locations and connection types, using publicly available tools like Webpagetest, YSlow extension and bookmarklet, Chrome DevTools, PageSpeed Insights, HTTP Archive and BigQuery. We made an initial report and pointed to the main bottlenecks that could be optimized.

  • Set up a baseline of performance metric for the site
  • Image size optimization for mobile devices
  • Compression of SVG resources
  • Optimization and combination of several images
  • Clean up used webfonts
  • Reduce domain or instruct browsers to prefetch DNS resolution

Section of the filmstrip view for the website. The filmstrip view is an excellent tool for visualizing how progressively is the page content being shown to the users.