With this form you will request an evaluation for a Performance Tune Up service from SiriusWay. With a Performance Tune Up you will:

  • Have detailed measurements of your site current performance
  • Set up performance objectives, in absolute terms or relative to your competitors or to the global world wide web
  • Set up the simple “Measure – Analyze – Tune up” methodology
  • Choose a performance metric to serve as the basis for the project’s objective, such as the page load time or the speed index
  • Work towards the objective of improving the metric between a range of percentages, depending on the actual service level requested
  • Other metrics will be optimized also as a result of the optimizations.

Just fill the form on the right, putting special emphasis on your motivations and whatever uncertinties you might have about the service. We will contact you shortly with an anser and perhaps set up acall to better understand your objectives. Only your name and email are required, make sure those are accurate. Don’t hesitate to provide more details like your site URL.

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